Everything You Should Know About Buffered Coconut Peat

Posted by Admin on November, 23, 2022

When it comes to the matter of effective farming, the very first name that comes to mind is none other than coconut peat. Coconut peat is a wonder product that is nothing but a byproduct of coco brick. The cocopeat not only improves the farming technique but also works as a magical growing medium. These reasons make coconut a worthy growing medium for different farming procedures.

Cocopeat is available in different forms and textures among which buffered coconut peat is a notable one. Buffered coconut peat is a special sort of coconut peat that is made by a chemical procedure including supplanting sodium and potassium with calcium and wearing down extra trash. Buffered cocoa oil is extremely popular because it is a 100% natural cultivating medium.

This cocopeat is used to dry in the natural sunlight and is filtered to generate several products such as cocopeat blocks, coco peat tablets, cocopeat briquettes, and many more. Buffered coco peat is a lightweight, spongy and cork-like ingredient mainly found in the coconut husk that grips together the fibers of the costs. The use of buffered coco peat was discovered in the early 90s and majorly as a multi-directional growing medium.

Buffered coco peat is majorly used as a multi-purpose growing medium and a very good substitute for conventional peat moss and rock wool. Let's take a look at the various advantages of buffered coconut peat which make it a worthy option for effective farming.

Major Benefits of Buffered Coconut Peat

As we started earlier, buffered coconut

Peat has some major benefits in the agricultural trend. There are some major reasons why buffered coconut peat is becoming a popular medium of choice for many hydroponic setups. Let's discuss them with a precise explanation and understand why buffered coco peat is the rising star of mediums.

Increases Plant Growth

Buffered coconut boosts the porosity and integrity of the potting mix. This assists the soil to be loose and airy. The loose and airy soil is best known for better plant growth. The more growth the plants get, the more profit you can generate by a single farming process.

Saves Plants From Overwatering

Buffered coconut peat is also capable of increasing the water holding capacity of the potting mix and also enhance the porosity of the soil. This ensures that the plant does not get damaged due to overwatering and under-watering.

Need In A Little Quantity

As we mentioned above, buffered coco peat is highly capable of increasing the high porosity, high water-holding ability and high cation exchange capacity. Buffered coco peat contains these three capabilities together which means it needs a very little amount per plant. Since it needs in s amount, it also ensures cost-effectiveness. Using buffered coco peat will not get very heavy on your pocket.

An Effective Hydroponic Medium

Buffered coco peat contains wonderful properties that help to make it a very lenient hydroponic or soilless intermediate. Since it's a completely organic medium, it retains a high cation exchange capability. This high cation exchange quality allows the nutrients to be soaked completely and delivered to the plants as per their needs.

It's Portable And Can Be Easily Shaped

Buffered coco peat can be reduced easily to 1/5 or even a little less than its actual quantity which makes it easy to move and easy to store. Moreover, by pressing the buffered coco peat, you can provide it with a desirable shape as per your requirements. Trichoderma Buffered Coconut Peat

Buffered coconut peat contains natural Trichoderma which increases the growth of good bacteria and fungi that boosts soil quality and plant growth.


Buffered coco peat is generated from coconut harvesting. So buffered coco peat is a natural part of retrieving coconuts. It's a natural resource that is highly accessible and easily revivable.

So these are some of the major benefits of buffered coconut peat which makes it a reliable and fantastic option for effective farming.

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